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Search & Rescue - Lost a File?

Lost a File on your Hard Drive?

Did you know that the filename for your purchases is still listed in your account? If you have lost a file that you purchased, try the following steps to see if you can locate it on your hard drive.

Log in to the store > my account > view the order with your "lost or missing file"

Scroll down.

Underneath the section that starts with "To download your files click the download button and choose "Save to Disk" from the popup menu."

You will see a listing of Item Names, File Sizes, Link Expirations and more.

Highlight the filename of your lost or missing file and "copy" it (Control+C or Edit > Copy in your browser tool menu)

Now that you have your filename copied, Click on your "Start Button" in windows > Search Paste the filename you copied from your account details into the search bar and "search" (There are options you can tweak such as include all your drives - we would suggest you turn that option on for greater search power)

Many lost files can be found this way! We wish you luck on the hunt!