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Trouble Accessing our Website

When you can't get in, try running a program called traceroute. This will help determine if it's an ISP routing problem. A traceroute is a program that is run to determine if the route to the website you are trying to reach is actually reachable. The route to a website could be having problems at any number of routers, switches, and cable segments. A traceroute sends a packet of information to the destination you want to reach and returns you a list of all the networks the packet has to travel to get to the destination you want to reeach. Under normal circumstances you will just get a list of networks that are traveled and the time it took to do so.

When there is a problem on a route the trace will time out, or come back with very long travel times. This will indicate that the route is having trouble.

To run a trace route in windows, go to a command line by clicking on the Start button - then select Run and type in "command" and press enter.

You will be given a black command box.
Type in: tracert
Press enter, you will see the route the packet is taking to get to that IP address.

Then copy and paste the text and send to your ISP.

To copy and paste, you can click on the top left of the command window, then choose edit, select all, then edit, copy.

If you see a problem along the route to DSP, please contact your internet service provider.