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Having Trouble with a Coupon?

If your coupon is for a free item make sure you have check/money order as your payment method. It is often best to order these items by themselves and if you would like to make additional purchases, do them in a separtate order.

Make sure you are putting your coupon code in the coupon redemption box (not the gift certificate redemption box). Make sure the coupon code is exactly as it was given to you.

In Step 3 of the checkout process you should see a $0.00 total. If you do not see a $0 total, please DO NOT confirm your order. Backup and try again.

If you did not receive an invalid coupon code warning and you did not get a $0 order, click on the "more info" link in the shopping cart box on the right side of your screen.

This box will show you what coupon is good for and possibly why it didn't work. Make sure you are trying to "purchase" the correct item for that coupon.

If you still can't seem to make it work or have any other problems or concerns, please don't hesitate to email us or give us a call. 1-866-449-5592