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Conditions of Use

Terms of Use

Please see for the EULA and more information.


Images of products displayed on this website are copyrighted and trademarked by their respective owners and are displayed with the express permission of the copyright and trademark owners. Any reproduction without express permission from the copyright or trademark owner is a violation of law and is prohibited. DSP and the developers of this site disclaim all liability related to the unauthorized copying, reproduction, or other misuse of the images and products displayed.

All digital scrapbooking images offered for sale or for free at are copyrighted by The Digital Scrapbook Place, LLC or the individual designer as indicated in the text file included with the products and are for personal use only unless permission from DSP is granted. Please read the End User License Agreement. They may not be reproduced for sale or redistributed in any way without permission from DSP. No commercial use is permitted without permission from DSP. Contact us at for distribution or commercial use information. Do not use any images for obscene, defamatory, or immoral works or any other purpose that is prohibited by law. If you post scrapbook pages or other projects online or submit them to magazines using any of these images, include the CD or product title and Designer's name and/or in the credits. Please respect the terms of use of any site on which you post layouts. Feel free to lightly modify any images (size, color, etc.) as it suits your photos or your fancy. Most importantly have fun!

LIMITATION OF LIABILITY (last updated 8/29/2005)

Under no circumstances, including negligence, shall The Digital Scrapbook Place, LLC, or it's designers or agents, be responsible for any damages or loss that result from the use of, or inability to use any of the products sold or distributed by DSP. If any legal action arises out of copyright infringement, DSP and it's designers or agents shall be indemnified and held harmless of any and all costs or damages that you or DSP or it's designers or agents incur.

You can contact us at with any questions.

Commercial Licensing

Thank you for your interest in Digital Scrapbook Place graphics! Digital Scrapbook Place is pleased to offer licensing to use our digital scrapbook graphics to individuals doing work-for-hire as well as to companies for software applications.

Commercial Use for Individuals

Important: Purchases and Commercial License Fees cannot be discounted or have a coupon used on them or the agreement is null.

Digital Scrapbook Place artwork is a great way to create an incredible product in less time, for less cost, with artist quality results. Digital Scrapbook Place offers commercial licenses to use our high quality graphics in creating custom artwork for your business or your customers such as scrapbooks, cards, web sites, print ads, posters, clothing, stationery, etc. The final product received by your customers must be a single flattened image, either printed or digital. Graphics may not be given, loaned, rented, or resold individually or in a collection of any kind. Graphics may not be copied, reproduced, or modified for the intent of resale or distribution of any kind. Freebies are also not available to be licensed at this time. Within each of our CDs and downloadable products, you will see an option to add a commercial use license to your order. Simply click on Commercial (+$30) under Product Use License. You will only need one license for each product you plan to use for profit, then you can use each as many times as you would like.

If youÂ’ve already purchased a CD or downloadable product and wish to use it commercially, you may simply purchase a commercial license separately by clicking here. Licensing costs $30 per page kit or $100 per CD plus the cost of the product itself. After you order, you will be issued a downloadable license which you must attach to your receipt of the order of the product purchased at full price. Free or discounted products are not eligible for licensing; you will need to purchase them at full price.

You may view the content of each of our CDs or other artwork in our store. Digital Scrapbook Place products will be a great time and money saver for you as a business person, as well as be incredibly fun and easy to use. The ability to change the colors on our products to match your photos or themes makes them valuable commercial tools. Design possibilities are unlimited, as you can see by the layouts in our product gallery.

Please contact us with any questions or for more information about commercial licensing.

Distribution Licensing for Software Applications

To include Digital Scrapbook Place graphics in your software application, we will provide the license or gladly review your own license. We will grant permission to use and distribute the graphics in your application, but will not allow you to resell our files separately. Please contact us for more specific information, including pricing for licensing graphics including individual CDs or page kits. We can also customize quotes on a per file basis as needed. If you want custom, exclusive graphics or require a different format, please let us know. We would be happy to work with you and discuss your needs. You may view the content of each of our CDs or page kits in our store. Our license fees are great and the quality will be unmatched! Please contact us with any questions or for more information about licensing our artwork for your application.

Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions as we would love to help your business in any way we can!